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Twittercore is a 140 character realtime grindcore band and at the same time a new interactive musical genre. We are currently preparing a collaborative compilation EP that will be made using a new production method. We are looking for people who want to participate. You do not need a Twitter account to participate!

Each performance is completely controlled by the audience. Twittercore uses tweets as lyrics, sung in real time as they appear on the timeline. The tweets are controlling the way the music is played through custom software. The EP will be recorded in Amsterdam and Capetown, but participation is possible world wide via live stream. The performances are accompanied by workshops. During the workshops you will use our 140 character realtime system to create the lyrics that we will use on the recordings. You will also tweet your lyrics during the recording session / concert. Lyrics and authors will of course be named in the artwork accompanying the EP.

Join us in Amsterdam on the 27th of september in De Punt or in Capetown on the 3rd of october in The Assembly. The Capetown event is part of World Design Capital 2014. The EP release will be on the 18th of october in De Punt. If you want to join the workshops, please drop us a line at
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Twittercore is a 140 character realtime grindcore band and at the same time a new interactive musical genre. It combines the social engine Twitter with the musical genre grindcore.

During the performance the audience sends tweets to #twittercore which are then being used as lyrics, sang in realtime. At the same time the tweets are generating a blast beat in the drum-computer. The tweets are either send right on the spot or by people from all around the world who attend the performance online. Incoming tweets are projected on a screen, immediately visible for the audience. Because tweets are limited to 140 characters, the Twittercore sets are limited to 140 bars of music. After that the whole system shuts down automatically.

Twittercore acts as a medium combining the systematic structure of Twitter with the extreme outbursts of emotion found in grindcore. Grindcore is for a large part about criticizing the system. Before this background Twittercore is acting as a medium to provide the audience with a platform to express different opinions, criticism, hate and fun. Twittercore is Stefan Schäfer (vocals, Nintendo Wii) and Christoph Scherbaum (electric guitar, programming).

Twittercore performed amongst others at Cite Du Design, St. Etienne Design Biennale, DePunt Amsterdam, OCCII Amsterdam and CIG Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont, France.

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The Tweetstation @ WORM Rotterdam


Flyer for Twittercore @DePunt, Amsterdam

Twittercore @DePunt, Amsterdam

Twittercore @ Chaumont Design Festival

Photo by: Kaspar Vogelzang

According to the Guiness Book of World records, the fastest song in history is “You Suffer, but Why” by grindcore pioneers Napalm Death (1,136 sec). Our fastes one is still a bit longer “Wikicore Continue”, tweeted by Nuankhanit Phromchanya.

About Twittercore, interviewed by Christoph Müller-Girod (in german)

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